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The Mr. Persuit Award Leaders

First Name Late Name Grade Team Flags Pulled
Ryan McKevitt 7th-8th Chiefs 24
Joey Koenig 3rd-4th Cowboys 24
Remi Develter 7th-8th Vikings 22
Dylan Oakley 7th-8th Steelers 22
Trey Young 7th-8th Chargers 22
Tyler Tapia 7th-8th Chargers 22
Dane Kennedy 5th-6th Rams 19
Croix Miele 3rd-4th Cowboys 19
Connor Baumhardt 7th-8th Chiefs 14
Caiden O'Connor 3rd-4th Raiders 14
Miles Garner 3rd-4th Raiders 14
Gunner Delatorre 3rd-4th Raiders 14
Tavin Voegele 7th-8th Vikings 12
Braden Richter 3rd-4th Cowboys 12
Charlie Nicholson 3rd-4th Bears 12
Brad Ruhl 3rd-4th Patriots 12
Nate Hauser 3rd-4th Patriots 12
Joey Siong 7th-8th Vikings 11
Gavin Darst 7th-8th Steelers 11
Greysen Delatorre 3rd-4th Raiders 11
Kyle Yuhas 7th-8th Chargers 11
Liam Friedman 3rd-4th Bears 11
Ben Goodman 3rd-4th Cowboys 10
Austin Plisinski 7th-8th Steelers 10
Noah Donaldson 7th-8th Chargers 10
Alp Arslan 5th-6th Rams 9
Drew Hallbeck 7th-8th Steelers 9
Jordan Kurz 5th-6th Chiefs 9
Nate Dozor 7th-8th Chiefs 8
Mason Fils 7th-8th Chiefs 8
Lars Nichols 7th-8th Falcons 8
Ethan Mitchell 5th-6th Rams 8
Benjamin Mitchell 5th-6th Rams 8
Jayson Porsona 7th-8th Vikings 8
Beck Lee 3rd-4th Chiefs 8
Ryan McKeon 5th-6th Broncos 8
Tyler Jander 3rd-4th Chiefs 8
Brayden Bogert 7th-8th Chiefs 7
Will Dingus 7th-8th Chiefs 7
Chase Powers 7th-8th Falcons 7
Coby Albright 7th-8th Falcons 7
Henrik Dahle 5th-6th Rams 7
Ben Sheets 3rd-4th Chargers 7
Jacob Benson 7th-8th Vikings 7
Tymur Chaudhri 7th-8th Vikings 7
Ryan Oakley 7th-8th Steelers 7
Brayden Welch 3rd-4th Rams 7
Luke Travis 5th-6th Broncos 7
Logan Ochoa 7th-8th Falcons 6
Jackson Michaelis 3rd-4th Raiders 6
Ben Cugno 7th-8th Chargers 6
Scott Branning 3rd-4th Patriots 6
Michael Naramore 7th-8th Chiefs 5
Jaden Bonnette 7th-8th Vikings 5
Jonathan Siong 7th-8th Vikings 5
Josh Cugno 7th-8th Chargers 5
Ry Shaughnessey 5th-6th Broncos 5
Travis Ross 5th-6th Broncos 5
CJ Hook 3rd-4th Bears 5
Ben Hebda 5th-6th Chiefs 5
Kasey Kim 7th-8th Chiefs 4
Max Parker 7th-8th Falcons 4
Porter Woods 5th-6th Rams 4
Jackson Gardner 7th-8th Steelers 4
Alex Rogers 7th-8th Steelers 4
Michael Castellanos 3rd-4th Raiders 4
Parker Cook 5th-6th Broncos 4
Isaiah Abbott 7th-8th Falcons 3
Blake Schick 7th-8th Falcons 3
Will Jessop 5th-6th Rams 3
Luke Hewitt 5th-6th Rams 3
Liam Parolini 3rd-4th Cowboys 3
Christian Hernandez 3rd-4th Rams 3
Will Carlson 5th-6th Broncos 3
Tommy Nicholson 5th-6th Broncos 3
Brandon Kurz 3rd-4th Chiefs 3
Tommy Sheets 7th-8th Falcons 2
David Parker 3rd-4th Cowboys 2
Charlie Baytieh 7th-8th Steelers 2
Grayden Cook 3rd-4th Rams 2
Thomas Melsom 3rd-4th Rams 2
Will Michaelis 3rd-4th Raiders 2
Tyler Stieber 7th-8th Chargers 2
Blake Phipps 3rd-4th Bears 2
Matthew Bernardo 3rd-4th Chiefs 2
Brady Saunders 5th-6th Chiefs 2
Max Rosenbaum 3rd-4th Patriots 2
Izrael Gali 3rd-4th Patriots 2
Zach Mulroy 3rd-4th Bears 1
Soren Laudorn 3rd-4th Chiefs 1
Finn Peterson 3rd-4th Chiefs 1
Kayden Lin 3rd-4th Chiefs 1
Hunter Thalken 5th-6th Chiefs 1
Porter Loveridge 5th-6th Chiefs 1
Cayden Oakley 3rd-4th Patriots 1
Matthew Ward 3rd-4th Patriots 1


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